Independent Music Artist (singer, composer, songwriter ,muti-instrumentalist and producer from Croatia)

Born on December 14, 1982 in Nedeljanec, a beautiful village near the town of Varazdin (Croatia), as the eldest of four children in a very modest and pious family. Although he has never attended music school, today he’s a professional musician whose work is admired throughout many countries.

A dreamer who was trying to make his dreams a reality!

As a child, despite the difficult of everyday life (every afternoon after school he would go to clean a nearby factory with his mother, after that, they went to work on their small farm until late in the evening, and late at night, Antonio would do his homework for school), he dreamed of becoming a famous musician

As his parents couldn’t afford to buy him any instrument, the instruments he practiced playing on, he had made himself: as a keyboard he took a long plank on which he drew keys, for guitar, he took a piece of wood on which he stretched a couple of metal wires attached with nails, and for drums, he used old plastic, iron buckets and iron lids.

His dad was against the idea that Antonio wastes his time playing music, so Antonio had to sneak out of the house late at night to go to the garden and practice playing and singing, so that nobody would hear. And today he is a great multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, all thanks to the good Lord who gave him the music talents.

Music path

At the age of seven he joined the junior church choir “Tin” from his village where he was singing and playing keyboards and the guitar at the holy Mass. 

He began to compose his first serious songs when he was 16 y.o., and all of the songs he had written until today were performed at Croatian and international festivals of Christian music.
In 2003, he was chosen for one of the main roles in the musical “Moulin Rouge”, a project by the international organization, “Cosmo Entertaiment”.

Anthonio’s earthly guardian angel and a completely new lifeway!

On October 2, 2008 on the day of the Guardian Angels, God sent to him amazing angel woman named Agneza! She became his “earthly guardian angel”, the biggest support, closest associate and manager.

That year Antonio started his professional music career!

At the beginning of 2009, he started to make first studio album, “Evo, dolazim Gospodine” (Here I Come, Lord) which is the beginning of Antonio’s professionalism in Christian music. That same year, Antonio and Agneza founded the first festival of popular Christian music “Hvalospjev Ljubavi”, (Ode To The Love) in Varazdin, which became an important festival of Croatian Christian music scene.


Antonio started his first concert tours all around Croatia. With his producer, Antonio is working on song “Confidence” for Swiss Eurovision contest. Song was performed by Bernarda Brunović, and she was second!

On Festival “Marijafest” Ptujska Gora (Slovenia) he recieved Best Lyrics Award.


He was on the show “Supertalent” where he reached the super finals with his author Christian music, and showed the public that he is not ashamed to be a believer. That year he was on his second big concert tour all over Croatia. On Festival “Tonkafest” Ogulin he recieved the Artist Award


His second studio album “Kralju kraljeva” (To The King Of The Kings) was published. In just three days, he made concerts in the crowded “Varazdin Theater” and a sport hall near to Varazdin.

He became full member of the Croatian Composers Society.

On June, 6. 2012 he sang as a backup singer to the world-famous singer of popular Christian music, Michael W. Smith at a big concert in Zagreb.

He received three festival awards:

  • Festival “Marijafest” Ptujska Gora (Slovenija) – Best Lyrics Award
  • Festival “Tonkafest” Ogulin – 2. Award Of The Audience
  • Festival “Tonkafest” Ogulin – 3. Jury Award

ISC (International Songwritting Competition, USA) – song

„You’re Glorious“ is selected in 50 most beautiful Christian songs in the world among the 7,000 signed to competition.


In October, Antonio and Agneza founded their own professional music studio named Sky Road Music Studio in their hometown Varazdin. That year he made his fourth successful concert tour in Croatia.

On Festival “Tonkafest” Ogulin he recieved 3. Award Of The Audience


Around Easter Antonio was chosen to play the role of Jesus in the live performance of “Passion Of The Christ In Neum.” (Bosnia and Hercegovina).

In May he made his first major concert tour in Slovenia, after which he became a permanent associate of the Slovenian festival of Christian music “Marijafest” in Ptujska Gora.

That same year he joined a tour of the Slovenian musical “A black man in white skin” that is dedicated to the life and work of the Slovenian missionary + p. Miha Drevenšek.

Antonio’s amazing third studio album “Zauvijek Tvoj” (Forever Yours) was published in September 12, On this album Antonio signed five tracks as an arranger and producer.

23 of November he made a big concert for the promotion of his album “Zauvijek Tvoj” (Forever Yours) in full sports hall “Graberje” in Varazdin.

His first official video for the song “You deserve everything” was released the same year. He mixed and mastered album “Sevdah u Lisinskom” (Sevda In Lisinski) by Ivan Jelić. He also played one of the main rolls in Slovenian musical “The Black Man In White Skin”.

He revived two awards during year:

  • Festival „Zadar Teen“ – Best Arrangement Award
  • Festival “Tonkafest” Ogulin – WIN


He made several very successful concert tours in Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

He was given the great honor to compose, produce and perform the official hymn for Pope Francis in Sarajevo (6. of june). Antonio performed that hymn in front of 65.000 people.

He produced albums: “Nebo je moj cilj” (The Heaven Is My Goal) by Marinko Klaić and “A Capella” by vocal group “Leggero”.


He received the status of an INDEPENDENT MUSIC ARTIST from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

That year he became the most award-winning singer-songwriter in the region.

As the arranger, producer, instrumentalist and backing vocal, he made album “Buđenje” (Waking Up) by priest Gašpar Dodić.

He produced over 29 songs that year and compose the music for “The Way Of Cros”.


His fourth studio recorded album “Ohrabri me” (“Encourage Me”) is published. That album received many awards at became, and has been declared for the best Christian music album in Croatia.

That year he started collaboration with mastering engineer Steve Corrao from Sage Audio Mastering, Nashville TS.

He produced an album “Radost života” (The Joy Of Life) by priest Jerolim Lenkić. Antonio has wrote the music, some lyrics, played all instruments, and record backing vocals for all ten songs on this album.

That year he produced 30 songs!


Antonio recorded and produced over 25 songs for different musicians. He made successful tour around Croatia, Slovenia and Germany. He won the grand Prix with song “Spasi nas” (“Save Us”) on “Tonkafest” festival.

That year he released music video for song “Moja molitva” (My Prayer”).


Antonio released the singl and a video “Vrijeme vučije” (“Hard Time”). As a arranger, producer, instrumentalist and backing vocal, he worked on albums:

  • „Čudesni Bog“ (Amazing God) by Tea Vidaić,
  • „Molitev za ozdraveljenje“ (Prayer For Health) p. Janez Ferlež,
  • „Rodna grudo“ (Native Land) don Vitomir Zečević,
  • „Ljubav koju ne razumijem“ (Love That I Don’t Understand) byTomislav Kljajić
  • „Hvala Stvoritelju“ (Thanks To The Creator) by Fra Miroslav Petrac, and ten other singles!

Again he won the grand Prix with song “Bolji postati” (“To Become A Better Man”) on “Tonkafest” festival.

He became an artistic director of big concert of Christian music in Ploče (town on the south of Croatian sea) named „Christ On The Shore“.

Antonio had great tour that year in Schwitzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

He also wrote, composed and performed the official hymn „Walk For Life“ for Pro Life Organization Wienna (Austria).

That year Antonio wrote, composed and produced in total 45 songs!


Started to work on three albums of his own……soon will give you more infomrations!

Mixed and mastered album „Božje Milosrđe“ (God’s Mercy) by Marinko Klaić.