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Published: 17. July 2009
Lyrics: Antonio Tkalec and Agneza Levanić (1 and 9)
Music: Antonio Tkalec
Recorded at: Studio „Remy“, Belica
Keyboards, bass and programing: Ivan Mikulić, Antonio (song No. 10)
Guest musicians: Željka Marinović („Svitanje duše“), Ivo Šepoarović („Na Tvom dlanu“) and Davor Canjuga (guitars on songs No. 6, 7 and 9)
Backing vocals: Ivan Mikulić, Sanja Brezovec and Anita Vincek
Production, mix and mastering: Ivan Mikulić
Publisher: Laudato, Zagreb 2009.
Reissued in 2012, 2016: Self independent copyright release Antonio Tkalec 2012 and 2016.

About the album

Antonio’s first studio album, “Here I come, Lord” has made him recognizable in the world of Christian music throughout Europe.

Although he has been a part of the Christian music from the age of seven, it took him 20 years to release his first solo album. This album contended for the “Porin” Award of 2010, and it was promoted on more than one hundred radio stations across Croatia and the world. From 2009 to 2012, Antonio made over a 150 acoustic concerts promoting this album. Many of the songs from this album were on the charts of radio stations and brought Antonio many prizes.

This album brought great work-related blessings to Antonio and his associates.

The original edition of “Here I come, Lord ” has so far had two reissues which says a lot about the very high demand of this album.