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Published: 22. November 2017
Lyrics: Antonio Tkalec & Agneza Levanić
Music: Antonio Tkalec
Musicians on album:
Keyboards – Ivan Mikulić and Antonio
Electric guitars – Nebojša Buhin, and Antonio
Acoustic guitars: Antonio
Bass: Mario Bilić and Robert Vrbančić
Drums: Nikola Mikulić
Violin: Martin Pokos
Backing vocals: Agneza and Antonio, Anita Vincek, Sanja Brezovec, Bernarda Bruno
Guest singer: Bernarda Bruno (songs No. 6 and 8)
Recorded at: Studio „Remy“, Belica & „Sky Road Music Studio“, Varaždin
Production and mixing: Ivan Mikulić & Antonio Tkalec
Mastering: Steve Corrao – Sage Audio Mastering, Nashville, TS
Publisher: Acordis, 2017

About album:

What to say about this incredible album that has received the perfect critique of the music profession, a number of music awards, and changed lives of manny people?

This is one of the best Christian music albums ever! You just have to hear it!