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Published: 12. September 2014
Lyrics: Antonio Tkalec & Agneza Levanić
Music: Antonio Tkalec
Musicians on album:
Keyboards – Ivan Mikulić and Antonio
Electric guitars – Nebojša Buhin, Neven Putarek and Antonio
Acoustic guitars: Antonio
Bass: Tihomir Kosec (priest) and Ivan Mikulić
Drums: Nikola Mikulić
Percussion: Mladen Palenkaš
Backing vocals: Agneza and Antonio, Anita Vincek, Sanja Brezovec, Anita Nježić
Guest singer: Bernarda Bruno („Frineds Forever“) and Marija Husar („Hosana“)
Recorded at: Studio „Remy“, Belica & „Sky Road Music Studio“, Varaždin
Production: Ivan Mikulić & Antonio Tkalec
Mix and mastering: Ivan Mikulić
Publisher: Acordis 2014.

About the album:

Antonio’s third studio album “Forever Your” is just incredible.

His maturation as a musician can be felt in each melody and his personal growth and strengthening in his faith, can be felt in every word. The album is full of Anotnio’s personal testimonies of his living in the live presence of Jesus and the Heavenly Father, and the album was made under particularly difficult trials. His voice performance leaves no one indifferent.

The collaboration between Antonio, Agneza and Ivan Mikulić has brought to the listeners a CD that every believer should listen. It’s full with messages of hope, love, joy and encouragement in this unfortunate time.

In order to promote the new album, in the year 2014, Antonio and Agneza performed more than 40 concerts across Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On November 23, 2014 Antonio had a big concert for the promotion of this CD in “Graberje” Sports Hall in Varazdin, filled to capacity.

This is an album that you simply need to have. Not because it’s made by Antonio, but because it is real, inspired by the Holy Spirit through Antonio, Agneza and their associates.