Friends Forever

I never knew how to say: „I love you“
It was so hard to say: „Forgive me“
Until the day you steped into my life
And taught me how to become a better man

You knocked on the door that I’d never open before
You said: „My dear“! Those words I want it to hear for all my life
And You’ve made my dreams come true

I believe in angels
Since the love came took hold of my heart
We’re no longer strangers
You’ll never know if you don’t try
To spread your wings and fly
You can count on me more than ever
‘Cause I’l be your friend forever

I wouldn’t change a bit of my life
You are send to me from heaven above

You can lean on me, always count on me
I’ll be here forever
You can lean on me, I’ll be always near
By your side forever

Refren: I believe in angels…..